Welcome to AMAC

AMAC PVT LTD is engaged in services, supplies, distribution and marketing of petroleum & petrochemical products services and related equipment since 2007. With world renowned sources for products we are providing unparalleled services to a vast customer base ranging from international companies to local production units.

Being in the business since 2007 and having worked for market leaders like Chevron, PSO and Shell. We can offer best possible solutions related to fuel and lubricants consumption, tailored specifically as per customer’s requirement. AMAC has good experience and expertise through which we are able to serve with excellent service, superior quality, and accurate processes in a trustworthy environment.

Our Mission

To maintain the quality of life and standard of Lubricants we deal with while ensuring customer satisfaction through our best performance and to be the best in the business we deals in.

Customer satisfaction is our core concern in the products and services we provide. At AMAC, we strive to exceed the expectations of customers, employees and shareholders. We seek to continuously increase our corporate value, product quality and services, and add to the productivity of the country we operate in.


Protection of our environment and contribution to the society is the foremost in our priorities. Our goal is to constantly increase the level of customer satisfaction in the products and services we provide. To achieve this goal, we have adopted the Quality Management Philosophy, i.e.

  • Be people oriented
  • Be dedicated to excellence
  • Strive for continuous improvement
  • Achieve total customer satisfaction
  • Be personally involved

We adopt all 5 basic key elements to take our customers at the height.