About Us

AMAC Private Limited also known as AMAC Pakistan was formed in 2006. Company obtained its National Tax Certificate in July, 2007 and also registered in General Sales Tax (GST) in May 2008 to expand nationwide operation, AMAC has also registered in Company Act 1984, as a Private Limited Firm in Pakistan since Feb-2012. AMAC is continuously expanding its physical and marketing resources to meet the requirements of the consumers.

AMAC is engaged in the services, supplies, distribution and marketing of automotive, petroleum & petrochemical products.

AMAC worked with Shell Pakistan Limited as an Authorized Agent. Then acquired Distribution of Chevron Pakistan Limited in late 2014. Now doing business as A Chevron’s Product Marketer and Authorized Distributor.


Our people have never shied away from hard work or difficult tasks. We have dynamic staff, who deals with dangerous products and machines, our staff is our ultimate power. We believe that our products, services and the value they add to our customers' businesses remain the fundamental elements of our continued success.

We strive to be a key facilitator that can improve our customer’s business efficiency, lower their costs, and make them more agile, better organizations with high-performing businesses.

These are the core principles upon which we have been operating for many years to take our country on the way of prosperity.


We are here:
To maintain the quality and standard of things we deal in, To enhance customers’ satisfaction and performance, To be the best in the business we are in, So we walk side by side with the performers.

To achieve the above:
We want to set such a high standard of dedication with our work To take our country on the way of prosperity So that our next generation can see a better Pakistan tomorrow Inshallah!