Why You Chose Us


AMAC has its warehouse and retail outlets for the storage of the product; there we ensure proper handling and protect products from mixing or down grading. We buy all petroleum products direct from the Oil Marketing Companies or Refinery and have full tractability to ensure you receive authentic quality and standards for your machinery.
Our independent fuel pump stations give us the ability to make cost efficient purchases and pass the savings to you, guaranteeing competitive prices, as well as flexible payment terms.
That’s why we are ready to deliver the product any time with the authentic quality products.



AMAC is one of those companies who is equipped with the smart tools and machines, our Mobile Diesel Units can supply up to 8000 liters once at any site and able to supply diesel approximate 100 Feet’s above from the ground level, which is quite enough to supply 7 stores building. It has a calibrated Flow Meter installed in the Mobile Diesel Unit. This facility keeps the site clean and environment friendly.

AMAC has good experience through which we are able to supply diesel in bulk quantities 4000 – 8000 liter delivered in road tank lorry. For smaller amounts, we deliver in baby tank lorry from 01 – 3000 liter with minimum delivery charges. Our workforce is trained well to handle the supplies to the consumer without any interruption and distortion.



Now no more headaches to hang up with dirty cans, drums or hand pumps to transfer the product into storage tanks, AMAC is using CAP Technology in Pakistan.

By adopting CAP technology, we ensure:

No spillage

No lose in product, saves every drop of fuel

No extra care for housekeeping

Environment friendly site


These services differentiate us from others.