Lubricating oil requirements have changed beyond all recognition over past few years.

At AMAC, we have acknowledged this by upgrading our awareness plans & product information to suit the ever changing demands of industry.

We deliver a range of mineral oil based and synthetic lubricants from different brands as per technical suggestion.

With over 10 years of experience in marketing and research of lubricants, we can offer unparalleled expertise in both products and service to our many customers.

Purchasing quality lubricants from the right supplier can help you manage and extend the life of your costly machinery equipment.

At AMAC we offer a complete range of lubricants and fluids backed up by the advice of our in-house technical support team.

As a lubricant supplier and distributor we can guarantee the supply of highest quality lubricant for your machinery, the correct lubrication and help to enhance maintenance.

Quantities are available in 0.250 ml to 210 litter or Kg in different pack sizes.

We supply a wide range of lubricants for Automotive and Industrial consumption.

We have been providing lubricants and technical support to customers in many different industrial sectors including: Construction, Industrial, Engineering, Manufacturing, Automotive/Transport, Agricultural and the Public Sector.