AMAC Fuel Supply Management Systems enables you;

To have total control over your fuel consumption ensuring you never runs out.

Our comprehensive hassle-free service provides deliveries to suit your fuel needs and fuel storage capacity.

We can deliver the volumes you require, whenever you require.

We offer unrivaled levels of service via our network of distribution.
Our fuel management service is based on monitoring, controlling and maintaining fuel stock – in all business sectors to ensure the fuel run out does not occur over.

We calculate your optimum ordering pattern over a given time period and then “top-up” your tank to ensure you benefit from the lower price associated with larger deliveries whilst ensuring a run out does not occur.

We offer competitive supply arrangements that are tailor made specifically for your company needs.

Our fuel management service ensures that you never run out of fuel and obtain the best prices whilst never having to manually deal with tank gauge readings and constantly placing new orders.
Not only we can look after your fuel requirements, but we also offer all fuel related products and services to satisfy your needs.


AMAC fuel supply management system is provided at minimum cost to the customer.

All you need to do is to contact us via e-mail or phone.

We have expertise in fuel & lubricants industry therefore we can also provide specialized advice with regard to your refueling operation.

We are happy to share our experience in fuel management.

Our excellent service, first class knowledge and competitive prices will give you peace of mind.



As we are authorized distributor of an OMC we are providing you authentic and best quality lubricants as per your requirement, enabling optimized features of oil testing, conversion management helping you to ensure your machines are working and supplied lubricants are compatible with your equipment and environment.

We ensure customer satisfaction, therefore;

Handing over product straight from Chevron’s blending plant.

Periodic testing of lubricants in order to eradicate any variation in quality.

A proactive plan based on client’s consumption pattern to forecast current inventory and upcoming lubricant requirement.

A dedicated ‘Relationship Manager’ to facilitate and ensure best service and best product delivered to you at each interval.

Complete technical assistance before adopting any new product along with precedence charts of the same.


Multi Utility Installations & Free Project Management

Problems with Utility Installations?
Suffering long delays?
Mounds of paperwork?
Lots of hassle?

AMAC will manage your utility connections & supply.

We offer FREE connection advice from infrastructure through meter installation & supply.
Our team of industry experts guarantees a fast turnaround in the following areas:

  • full service removals
  • installations & disconnections of meters
  • full infrastructure of fuel management
  • increase or decrease of supply
  • site investigations & evaluations
  • temporary builders supplies
  • tailored contracts

We, at AMAC, pride ourselves on attention to detail; our capabilities span every aspect of the Fuel Oil Supply markets.  We give specialized advice for any Multi – Utility projects and are able to offer you the flexibility of contracts of supply for all sizes.  This means we are well-placed to offer advice on techniques for an efficient infrastructure service to eliminate the numerous phone calls to the mind field of departments which will reduce planned timescales.

AMAC guarantees to deliver connections on the agreed time.

We are “one stop shop” from designing to commissioning




We specialize in arranging out of hours fuel deliveries for a wide variety of customers, ranging from blue chip companies and the public sector to generator companies and care homes.
We have at our disposal the use of company own oil tankers strategically placed throughout Karachi that guarantee a true coverage.

AMAC offers an express fuel delivery service direct to your site or to any required location.


Please ask yourself these questions before you call us:

Do you need a delivery in the next few hours?

Are you a commercial/industrial or public sector organization?

Are you able to arrange payment via pay order or relevant purchase order?


If the answer is yes, we are just a call away.

24/7 (business customers only) +92-311-1112622

Additional charges will be incurred on any out of hour deliveries depending on the individual of each delivery.


With our rapid response service, we can deliver on site whatever you want, whenever you want, and always on time.
We can deliver fuel in bulk quantities from 500-9,000 litre and for smaller amounts we can supply 01litre in our ‘baby tanker’ with minimum delivery charges.
We have been providing a reliable service for over 5 years. Our business customers know that they can always rely on our 24/7 emergency fuel delivery.



AMAC is proud to be one of the most experienced on-site fueling companies in the industry and we are committed to continue providing the highest level of service.

The 24/7 out of hour fuel delivery service is for emergencies only. If you’re looking for a normal delivery, please fill in the AMAC inquiry form at or call +92-311-1112622



We at AMAC understand the different problems that Construction sites face on a daily basis.

If your site has run dry or is about to, then simply give us a call and we will try our best to get some oil there in a matter of time.

Although we cannot control the weather, but we can control and manage a site specific top up system to help avoid running dry in the first place, and to reduce costly down time.

One of our specialties at AMAC will arrange nationwide deliveries using our suppliers across Pakistan, ideal for multi-site construction companies.

We do not only look after your fuel requirements, but we look after you’re “any fuel related” needs such as:

  • mobile browser hire
  • storage tanks
  • fuel Dispenser
  • tank gauge
  • fuel monitoring system etc.




AMAC supply a complete range of tanks and containers enabling us to provide the best solutions for any domestic, commercial and agricultural requirements at competitive prices with full technical support.
We provide storage solutions for gasoline, diesel and lubricants in a range of sizes, shapes and capacities to suit your needs. We offer our customers the optimum choice whatever their requirements are; this includes Fuel Storage Tanks, Fuel Dispensing Units or Mobile Bowsers
We offer storage tanks of plastic and steel, for purchase or hire, standard sizes or made to measure to your personal specifications.



guaranteed for 3 years,

UV stabilized,

corrosion and rot free,

environmentally safe,

easy to install,

maintenance free,

cost effective,

Tanks can have the following fittings added:

crane lifting lugs,

lockable lid,

ladder stays,

forklift access points,

compatibility with latest electrical gauges



Iron tanks can be engineered to resist the toughest of conditions,

They can be placed on uneven surfaces without a concrete base,

Made more secure from damage and theft which can occur on more open sites

We offer a complete tank replacement service, including:

safe removal of fuel from the old tank,

removal of the old tank,

installation and connection of the new tank,

refill of new tank with specified product,

we are able to undertake site surveys,

waste oil removal,

interceptor and ditch cleaning, etc.





fuel monitoring gauges,

overfill alarms, etc.


By choosing AMAC tanks and bowser, you can be sure that your fuel is stored in a secure and regulation compliant manner. All the tanks that we offer are manufactured in accordance to current HSE guidelines.




AMAC has its own vehicles which support its logistics that makes easy to transport the products to its client’s customers, anytime, anywhere, without compromising time and standard.