Fuel Supply Management

AMAC Fuel Supply Management Systems enables you;

To have total control over your fuel consumption ensuring you never runs out.

Our comprehensive hassle-free service provides deliveries to suit your fuel needs and fuel storage capacity.

We can deliver the volumes you require, whenever you require.

We offer unrivalled levels of service via our network of distribution.
Our fuel management service is based on monitoring, controlling and maintaining fuel stock – in all business sectors to ensure the fuel run out does not occur over.

We calculate your optimum ordering pattern over a given time period and then “top-up” your tank to ensure you benefit from the lower price associated with larger deliveries whilst ensuring a run out does not occur.
We offer competitive supply arrangements that are tailor made specifically for your company needs.

Our fuel management service ensures that you never run out of fuel and obtain the best prices whilst never having to manually deal with tank gauge readings and constantly placing new orders.
Not only we can look after your fuel requirements, but we also offer all fuel related products and services to satisfy your needs.


AMAC fuel supply management system is provided at minimum cost to the customer.

All you need to do is to contact us via e-mail or phone.

We have expertise in fuel & lubricants industry therefore we can also provide specialized advice with regard to your refueling operation.

We are happy to share our experience in fuel management.

Our excellent service, first class knowledge and competitive prices will give you peace of mind.