Round The Clock Service


We specialize in arranging out of hours fuel deliveries for a wide variety of customers, ranging from blue chip companies and the public sector to generator companies and care homes.
We have at our disposal the use of company own oil tankers strategically placed throughout Karachi that guarantee a true coverage.

AMAC offers an express fuel delivery service direct to your site or to any required location.


Please ask yourself these questions before you call us:

  • Do you need a delivery in the next few hours?
  • Are you a commercial/industrial or public sector organization?
  • Are you able to arrange payment via pay order or relevant purchase order?

If the answer is yes, we are just a call away.

24/7 (business customers only) +92-311-1112622


Additional charges will be incurred on any out of hour deliveries depending on the individual of each delivery.


With our rapid response service, we can deliver on site whatever you want, whenever you want, and always on time.
We can deliver fuel in bulk quantities from 500-8,000 liter and for smaller amounts we can supply 01 liter in our ‘baby tanker’ with minimum delivery charges.
We have been providing a reliable service for over 5 years. Our business customers know that they can always rely on our 24/7 emergency fuel delivery.



AMAC is proud to be one of the most experienced on-site fueling companies in the industry and we are committed to continue providing the highest level of service.

The 24/7 out of hour delivery service is for emergencies only.

If you’re looking for a normal delivery, please fill in the AMAC inquiry form at or call +92-311-1112622